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Wednesday, 28 May 2014 14:30

Billings Ovulation Method™ Brazil Congress Thursday, 1st May and Concurrent Teacher Training Programs 1st – 4th May. 2014, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Brazil confWOOMB Latinoamerica offered the second Congress and Teacher Training Program in Sao Paulo, under the leadership of Heloisa Pereira of CENFAPLAM – WOOMB Brazil.  The Congress was attended by approx 270 participants.  Interesting papers were offered by Dr Martin Tantalean of Peru who spoke on Natural Family Planning in Primary Care in Sth America, Dr Juan Francisco Stecher of Concepion Chile on the protocols for a proposed study on the use of the Billings Ovulation Method™ in the achievement of pregnancy (paper delivered by a member of his team, Claudia Andrea Valdivia González );  Dr Agostinho Bertoldi from Curitiba, Brazil who spoke on the success of the Billings Ovulation Method™ in the public health system in Curitiba and Claudia from Concepcion who explained the teaching the Billings Ovulation Method™ through the Catholic University of Concepcion.  Marian Corkill spoke on the Legacy of John and Lyn Billings – the journey from 1953 to the present time; Marie Marshell gave a presentation on “What we Know to be True”. 

 All speakers offered very valuable information which set the scene for the following days when participants were channelled into one of the two Teacher Training Programs: Basic/Upskilling Program offered by members of WOOMB Latinoamerica for those who were new to the Billings Ovulation Method™ and the Extension Program presented by Marie Marshell and Marian Corkill for experienced teachers. 

Fr Joseph Hattie OMI, the WOOMB Spiritual Advisor travelled from Canada to be present at this gathering and his presence was greatly appreciated by all present.  As Fr was celebrating his 50th Anniversary of his ordination around this time, a surprise presentation and celebration of this momentous occasion was attended by all participants.  Fr Hattie celebrated/concelebrated Mass on each day and offered very thought provoking homilies.

Approximately 100 Brazilians attended the Basic/Upskilling Program offered by Spanish speaking members of WOOMB Latinoamerica. The exciting outcome of this program was that it was successful because all presenters were speaking the same Billings Ovulation Method™ language.  Trainers were from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador as well as Brazil.   This program required translation from Spanish into Portuguese. 

The second stream, the Extension Program was offered by WOOMB International Senior Trainers, Marie Marshell and Marian Corkill to approximately 170 teachers and included Brazilian Billings Ovulation Method™ teachers, approx 20 doctors, representatives from Chile, Mexico, USA, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Honduras.  This program was translated from English into Spanish and Portuguese.

This was a cooperative organisational event which could only have been achieved by those who had a common purpose.  Gratitude is extended to CENFAPLAM Brazil and all members of WOOMB Latinoamerica who made this possible.