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Saturday, 01 June 2013 12:56

New Associate Directors of WOOMB International

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At the recent Diamond Jubilee Conference to celebrate sixty years of the Billings Ovulation Method™, the four Directors of WOOMB International Ltd, were pleased to announce the appointment of four new Associate Directors.

  • Mrs Maria Garcia, Spanish Liaison Person to WOOMB International and member of Board of BOMA‐USA
  • Mr Gérard Renard, French Liaison Person to WOOMB International and Director of WOOMB France
  • Dr Mark Whitty, President of NAOMI/Billings Ireland and Board Member of BOM‐Trust UK
  • Dr Lek‐Lim Chan, President of WOOMB Malaysia

Maria R. Garcia is the Natural Family Planning Coordinator for the Archdiocese of Chicago.  She is a certified instructor, supervisor, and trainer of new teachers in the Billings Ovulation Method™. She attended the University of Illinois at Chicago and earned her Masters of Arts Certificate in Pastoral Studies from Catholic Theological Union.

Maria is a certified instructor of the Billings Ovulation Method™ and in 2011 was named the liaison person between WOOMB International and the Spanish speaking countries. She is a cofounder of WOOMB Latinoamerica and also a board member for BOMA‐USA (Billings Ovulation Method Association of the United States of America).

Maria is married and has been using the method successfully for over twenty years. Maria and her husband of thirty‐two years, Juan, are proud of their three children, all college graduates.

Gérard Renard was born in Chalons en Champagne (Champagne ‐ delicious wine with small bubbles) but grew up in Toulouse where he met Marie his wife. They have 5 children and 2 grandchildren. Their 3 older children have all entered religious life which explains the small number of their grandchildren. However, their youngest son is engaged to be married on 27th July to a pretty girl who lives in Bergerac (you probably know the famous Cyrano who never existed!).

Gérard and Marie have lived in Rueil‐Malmaison, close to Paris, since 1976. They learnt the Basal Body Temperature method when engaged but were very happy when they were taught the Billings Ovulation Method™ in 1981. They became BOM teachers in 1990 and were among the few couples who agreed to create WOOMB France in 2009.

Gérard is a Petroleum Engineer at the French Petroleum Institute since 1976. He graduated from two French high schools in Fluid Mechanics and Petroleum Engineering.

Gérard is fond of seeing beautiful young engaged or married couples who attend TTPs where generally they learn for the first time about their fertility and leave very impressed by the scientific background of the Billings Ovulation Method™.

In 2011 Gérard was appointed as French Liaison Person to WOOMB International Ltd.

Dr Mark Whitty qualified in medicine at Trinity College, Dublin University in 1981. Based in family medicine with legal and occupational work he has special interest in women’s health and

He has been involved in natural family planning since 1978 including participating in training, conferences, writing and speaking on subjects related to NFP in Dublin, London, Melbourne, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Minnesota, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Mark has represented WOOMB International at conferences in Rome and Spain.

He completed a Masters (MSc) in women’s health in 2004, with his thesis on NFP, and post‐graduate qualification in medical education in 2005.

Mark is currently the President of the Billings organisation in Ireland and is a medical consultant to the Directors of WOOMB International. He is a teacher of the BOM in Dublin.

Dr. Lek‐Lim Chan is a doctor of complementary medicine, an Accredited Billings Ovulation Method Instructor and trainer of teachers, who has continuously served as either president or vice‐president of the Natural Fertility Awareness Service of Malaysia (NFASM) since 1997.

He has wide experience in teaching the BOM since 1995, having seen many couples in various
circumstances and stages of reproductive life and has helped them to successfully use the Method to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

Lek‐Lim has given presentations on the BOM both locally and overseas, including in Singapore, Australia, USA, United Kingdom and Thailand.

He and his wife Agnes have successfully used the Billings Ovulation Method in their marriage and to plan their two children.

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Gerard Renard, Maria Garcia, Kerry Bourke, Marian Corkill, Fr Joseph Hattie OMI, Marie Marshell, Joan Clements, Lek-Lim Chan – Directors, Associate Directors and Spiritual Advisor to WOOMB International Ltd.  Absent:  Dr Mark Whitty.